Our position

For governments, politicians, doctors, the pharmaceutical industry, and the media, FESCA will be the main focal point for all enquiry. As the EU’s only independent, not-for-profit, focused, umbrella patient organization with deep expertise in Scleroderma, FESCA is in a position to achieve this.

Run with the motivation and energy of those whose lives are affected by the disease, FESCA has the support of EUSTAR and EULAR-PARE and disseminates expert knowledge while facilitating communications for all European Connective Tissue Disease stakeholders.

FESCA is a clearing house for patients and the medical community, serving as a conduit for the dissemination of funds in support of research and outreach from a multiplicity of sources. With complete transparency in support of research and outreach, FESCA operates in pursuit of a world in which everyone with Scleroderma receives appropriate access to a comparable standard of successful care.

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